Ashley Tisdale Thinks Blondes Have More Fun

Ashley Tisdale
Superstar Ashley Tisdale is seen here showing off her new look while she hangs out in Malibu with her friend Caroline Clark. Though she has it all pinned up here in a super sleek ponytail, you can see that Ashley is capitalizing on the blonde movement and has made a very major shift in terms of her hair color. And here is a Disney starlet that is looking sexy and elegant in this season’s hottest trend with the maxi dress paired with a cute but sexy ponytail for a look that can go for shopping time with the girls, or for a night on the town as well. And she has spiced up her ponytail by taking her chestnut colored locks to all new lights with this gorgeous near platinum color.

Will Ashley discover that blondes have more fun? Who knows, in the meantime we can assume that with this look,you can get away with second day hair without drawing too much attention to yourself. Dampen your soft bristle brush as you pull this ponytail back, and let it sit nice and high on the back of your crown like Ashley has here. This is the cute part of the sexy look, the sexy comes with the outfit you pair it with.

If you pull off the right look like Ashley has here and choose simple pieces that are casual, but fitted to your size and complement your figure, you can get away with the ponytail. Doing just that will ensure that if you are getting looks from the mall or club crowd, they are the kind of looks you want. Go ahead and sleep in a little since you won’t have to worry about your hair. Even if you arrive a few minutes late looking THIS hot, you may be surprised at the positive reaction.

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Photographs: James Breeden, ***

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