Anne Hathaway Can Make Even a Ponytail Glam

The always beautiful and always glamorous Anne Hathaway is seen here looking uber chic in the world premiere of her latest movie ‘Bride Wars’ in New York City. And though Anne has had a myriad of personal troubles the past year, you would never guess by looking at her. No, Anne is one of those ‘never let ‘em see you sweat’ kind of girls, and she is an inspiration when it comes to looking great no matter what ex-cons lie in your history or past. Here she has gone a little casual for her world premiere, in a sleek trouser suit and a slicked back ponytail. And though this is not the most formal look for a red carpet event, it makes no difference here to Anne as she rocks a sexy casual look in the most glamorous kind of way. This ponytail is just the quintessential finish to her look, and though some ponytails can make any outfit look even more casual, the one Anne has here has just the opposite effect.

The key to this look is height and volume, and once you accomplish this, you have an uber glam look that will upgrade even the most casual ensemble into something chic and sexy. You want freshly cleaned hair for this look to maximize the swing and bounce you will need for this sexy ponytail, and begin by running some straightening serum through towel dried hair. You want sleek and straight, so use a paddle brush to blow dry your hair into sleek and shiny locks. If your hair is not as straight as you want it to be, run a flat iron over it to add that additional sleek factor. You can also spray some anti humectants on your locks after you flat iron, and then seal this product in with an additional run with the flat iron. This will give your hair a super shiny look that will make your ponytail that much more glamorous.

Before you pull back into a pony however, back comb a small section on your crown to give you a little bit of height and volume. Then sleek your ponytail back using a wide toothed comb and secure it at the top of your head with a clear elastic. You can amp up the ponytail with a jewelled or bright accessory or clip if you are looking to take this pony into the evening hours. Sweep your bangs to the side or bend them under with the flat iron and you have a gorgeous look that will last all day, and all night.

Photo: Darla Khazei,

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