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Brittany Daniel hairstyles are so interesting really for one reason. Brittany Daniel is a woman who is not afraid to wear her hair short, and that doesn't mean down to your neck short. It doesn't even mean down to your chin short. Brittany Daniel is one of the very few famous women who will wear her hair down a little bit past her eye at the most.

This was not always the case of course, because in Sweet Valley High and a few other movies that she played in, her hair was long, wavy, and even a little bit curly. Brittany Daniel's hairstyle keeps hair natural Blonde that she is known for in those movies, whereas when she cut her hair short, she bleached her hair a little, also getting a few light Blonde highlights. This made her hair shine a considerable amount, as well as put a little more attention on her hairstyle and hair color


Brittany Daniel Short Layered Wedge Haircut
Brittany Daniel Short Layeed Wedge Haircut
Celebrity Brittany Daniel Long Layered Curly Hair Style
Brittany Daniel Short Wedge Haircut
Brittany Daniel Short Layered Haircut
Brittany Daniel Short Layered Wedge Haircut

Brittany Daniel Long Layered Hair Style
Brittany Daniel Long Pullback Hair Style
Celebrity Brittany Daniel Short Layered Wedge Haircut


Brittany Daniel Hairstyles 2012

Brittany Daniel is also commonly compared to Ellen DeGeneres, mainly because of the uncanny resemblance in their hairstyles. You will not find a lot of women whose hair can be compared this closely, and still be accurate. With that all being said, that of course is not Brittany Daniel's only hairstyle. She still has many different hairstyles, like the long wavy hair she used mainly in the old days, when she was starting her career. But now to her most recent hairstyle, the one that she's using most often, as well as some other women in the celebrity venue.


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