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Celebrity Hairstyles

May 24, 2012 Celebrity Hairstyles No Comments

Celebs are supposedly the trend setters since the Presley times. Creativity & innovatiness have been the qualities making them look out of the lot and the masses and sects follows them.
A few Tips Celeb Hairstyles
Tip #1- For that top curl look; make use of a curling iron on a few portions of the hair and for the rest, a waving iron can be used. A straightening or a flattening iron does the trick for astraight hair look, but then, it’s necessary to use a good conditioning mist prior before they are exposed to any sort of artificial heating should your hair be dry.
Tip #2- For highlighting curly hairs; put the color vertically on the hair; this helps to define the curls neatly. For straight long hair, create the highlights in a starburst fashion. Try keeping highlights with two different shades of your natural hair color.
Tip #3- Make use of products specifically made for colour treated hair.
Tip #4- For frizz free curls and to get rid of split ends, one should prefer sleeping on a soft satin pillow.
Tip #5- For Dandruff prone hairs, mix 2 ground-up aspirins to your shampoo and practice this twice a week.
#6- Avoid brushing the hair, as an alternative use a wide-tooth-comb or best way your fingers.
Tip #7- Avoid blow drying possibly, and use a dry towel to dry your hair until the moisture is out.
Tip #8- Apply a good leave-in conditioner before sleeping and wash it out in the morning.
These are basic tips followed by the celebrities for fine hairs and for exclusive hairstyles.


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