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Formal Hairstyles: How to Get your Own Formal Hairstyle
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Formal Hairstyles
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Formal occasions call for formal hairstyles. There are so many choices for ups, downs, shapes, designs, headpieces, accessories, and so on. When in doubt, go with an up-do. How many opportunities will you have in your life to get one? Equally as important as deciding upon a look is planning for it and deciding who is going to do it.

There are fabulous and simple up dos you can do yourself at home. The key to do it yourself up-dos is to keep it simple. The French twist is a good example of a formal hairstyle that you can do at home and modify according to your taste and skill level. If you take the time to blow dry your hair with a round brush and give it volume youíll achieve more professional looking results. You can tuck all the hairs down in the twist or your can leave out some spikes or curls. Creating a soft flowing side bang is always elegant but if you have a soft contoured face you can spray it all down and pin it back for an ultra sleek and super simple do. This should be avoided however if your face is sharp with angles.

If you have a friend who can help, you can step up the complexity of your formal hairstyle. It is still a good idea to keep it simple and secure so you donít have pins popping out all night, but you can enhance it by adding curls all around and weaving pieces of hair around each other for a braided design.

Lastly, if you are interested in something very intricate or you have the time and money to spare, there are stylists who specialize in formal hairstyles and up-dos who can create something beautiful to complement your facial structure, your dress, and the occasion. Not all stylists enjoy up-dos so it is wise to ask for a stylist that enjoys doing them.

To make sure your formal hairstyle lasts as long as you do, it is a good idea to carry extra pins at a minimum, and a mini hairspray with you if you can fit it. The most important tip of all is not waiting until an hour before your event to start working on your hair. Whether your formal hairstyle is being done by the stylist, your friend, or yourself, practice the style once ahead of time to make sure you will achieve your desired look because the day of your event will not allow extra time to repair mistakes and a bad hair day is not an option!

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