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Medium Length Hairstyles and Bangs
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Medium Length Hairstyle with Bangs
Image Source: Janet Mayer / PR Photos
It seems that medium length hair has decided to add a little bang this year. Bangs are prominent in all lengths of hair, but never as perfectly matched as they are with medium length hair. Blended nicely into the full length of the hair, bangs are a classic way to give a new look to an old do.

Curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair and thin hair, all hair is wearing bangs this season. There are blunt bang cuts, angled bang cuts and feathered bang cuts. The style of the bang is being pushed to new limits and artistic creations are evolving. When looking at some of the most popular medium length styles for 2008, there is no doubt that many women are keeping the same general shape with the addition of the bang.

No longer are the sides of the hair falling on the same place on the shoulder as the back of the hair. The bangs that are most often chosen are stylishly cut into the overall shape of the head. These bangs are there, but in a subtle manner that is both classic and new.

If you have medium length hair and you want to spice it up a bit, this season is all about the bang. With the addition of a few carefully cut layers and a set of wispy bangs, you will be mirroring the red carpet styles of the year.

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This was a hair tease. I was hoping for more pics.
needs a lot more pics.
Thanks a lot! I really like my new hair style. When i read this article, i went to the salon three days later and got it cut. This really helped.
pretty cute wish there was more pics though :)
i was looking 4 more pics
lisa jax fl,06-28-2009
i like it so much :)
Cute(: But needs more pictures.
super cute!!
Bill Nye The Sc11-22-2008

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