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Best Formal Dress Style for Long Hair Styles
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Vintage Prom Dress for Long Hairstyles
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If you have long hair than vintage is the look for you this prom season. Long hair which is mid back or longer lends it hand to the vintage prom style. Create a glamorous look with a unique hair style and a classic vintage dress or maybe punk rock is more your style. There is a dress out there for you no matter how you choose to go.

Vintage style dresses have made a come back with actresses like Katherine Heigl showing up on the red carpet looking more glamorous than ever. Your long hair will allow you to have an updo while still lending some length to the back. Vintage dresses are typically rather plain. They are dressed up with the sophisticated over all look, from make-up to the most important part, your hair do.

Long hair can also be paired well with a dress that has a plunging back. The long hair will help fill the void in the back and the eye will be draw to the glamorous hair style rather than the bare skin. A sophisticated ponytail can lend a hand at this. Those with long hair are the only ones able to pull off a ponytail as a glamorous do.

For those with long hair, find the dress and then choose your hair style. With all your hair, there is sure to be a do you will love to accentuate your gown. Whether vintage is your style or you are more like punk rocker Avril Laven. Choosing the dress will lead you to the hair style which will best suit you and your gown. Create a red carpet prom look by adding the advantage of long hair with the dress of your dreams.

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nice look
brittany cobb09-17-2009
that dress is so ugly

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