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Best Prom Dress Style for Medium Length Hairstyles
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Prom Dress for Medium Length Hairstyles
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If you have medium length hair than the sky is the limit on matching the perfect prom gown to your do. Medium length hair is shoulder length to mid back. This hair style can be formed into several different do's for your prom.

Look for a more formal gown when pairing a dress with medium length hair. While you can change your do to work with your dress, you are more able to get a classic prom look with your hair. Your hair will lean towards having an updo or letting your lock hang loose.

With so many choices out there for prom dress you may want to have a few do's in mind before choosing your gown. With your hair style in mind when shopping for a gown you will be able to weed through the miles of gowns to find the one that works best for you.

If you know you want an updo than look for a gown with spaghetti straps or one which is strapless. This will accentuate you neck line. You can add a tiara for the princess look or jewelry to draw attention to your neck. Be sure not to choose a dress with a plunging back as their will be too much of a void in the back.

Medium length hair will provide you with an array of options when it comes to choosing your Prom gown. If you have chosen a hair style you want to wear for prom then do your hair in the style when you are shopping for your gown. Taking pictures of the front and back will give you a better guide as to which dress will work best for you. Look to the stars like Reese Witherspoon for a great example of medium length hair matched to the perfect prom style gown. Stand out of the crowd by creating your own unique look with your medium length hair.

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