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Fall Haircare Tips
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Fall Hair Care Tips
Image Source: Chris Hatcher / PR Photos
To enjoy the fall season, some subtle and small changes to the way one looks will ensure that one looks and feels at his or her best throughout the season. A few basic tips that can be incorporated in any haircare routine will go a long to making this possible.

Just as trees shed leaves, one will tend to shed more hair during fall than in other seasons. Thus, it is important to condition the scalp to ensure that it holds new hairs when they begin to come out. Regular conditioning will ensure the scalp is maintained in good health and this practice will usually help replenish any lost moisture and keep the remaining hair looking resilient and shiny. However, consulting a stylist before using a certain formula will ensure the conditioner does not interfere with any color treatment. Oiling hair is also important as it ensures the hair is free of dandruff, irritation and infections. It will also protect from certain hair losses. In addition, applying oil on the scalp will aid ensuring the growth of healthy firm hair.

The type of oil to use is also important when taking care of hair during the fall. For example, using coconut oil provides a cooling effect on the head. Beautiful hair is maintained by ensuring it has essential air circulation and that it does not trap heat. Applying a turban made from hot towels after combing the out of the hair ends will help to make sure the oil penetrates into the scalp and affect individual hair shafts. The oil should be left for about an hour or so, or if it applied at night, it can be left overnight. After this, the oil should be washed clean a number of times until all the oil has been removed. After this, the hair locks should be healthy and vibrant with a shiny look.

Exposure to the sun and chlorine will usually have taken a heavy toll on one’s hair. However, this damage can easily be reversed and hair replenished by having a deep conditioning treatment. Alternatively, keratin treatment will usually keep the hair looking frizz free for months. Sometimes it may not be advisable to wash hair regularly during fall, especially if one wants to maintain that glam loose hair. Instead of regular washing and blow-drying, it is recommended to use dry shampoo. Baby shampoo can also be used to absorb grease and sweat, especially after spending the day at the gym or out of doors.

Good hygiene is always important in healthy, appealing hair especially during autumn. Such things as brushing properly and good nutrition of well-balanced diets of fresh fruits, vegetables like spinach and taking lots of water helps not only in having beautiful hair but one with an improved texture. Brushing should especially be done before retiring for bed. Brushing should be done from the back to the front. About 50 to 100 strokes will ensure dirt and pollutants are removed and that natural oils and oxygen get the needed circulation. It is also advisable to fry foods, nuts, animal fats and dairy products. Some dandruff shampoos also tend to dry out the hair and should be used after diluting them. In fall, hair generally grows much slower, but by following a healthy regiment of good hair practices and good eating habits, hair growth can be maintained looking vibrant until the next fall season.

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i love this article ;D
hair styles04-22-2011
very nice.!!! thenxx
beautifully described
yogita rani09-14-2010
realy good job i love it
Really great tips! Thank you so much!
this is so...... fantastic.
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Gloria 06-10-2010
Love this hair cut.......
its wonderful tips i like it very much
I love the dress that Talyer Swift is waring.
NOT washing your hair too often is key. Also get rid of all the heated appliances that we have become enslaved to and find natural cuts that suit your type of hair
I was wondering why you started talking about frying foods just before you began talking about dandruff shampoo drying your hair.
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Deanna P.06-17-2009
i absolutely love my hairstyle but im not sure if im using the shampoo or conditioner. What do you guys use? I am sick of spending money on these things and not liking the results. I would die for some free samples right about now! this economy is killing me...oughhhh
beautiful. its suite her
totally and they drvie me off the wall.and im tryin to grow my hair out
Does anyone have crazy split ends like me?!?! they drive me crazy!!!
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Taking cod liver oil tablets make your hair grow faster
I burnt my hair with straighteners do you think the intensive conditioning thing would resolve it? x
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