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To Pluck or Not To Pluck: The Gray Hair Dilemma
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The Gray Hair Dilemma
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For women and men all over the world, the introduction of gray hair into their wardrobes is simply not an option. These gray hairs scream our real ages and when we strive our entire lives to hide those ages, the gray hairs must go immediately. Many people choose to pluck the gray hairs from their heads, but what about that old wives tale about 10 gray hairs replacing the one your pluck away?

In all honestly, that is only a tale. The gray hair grows out of a follicle in just the same manner as the hairs that are not gray in color. These hairs will grow back one at a time, even when plucked. But, there is damage that can occur as a result of plucking that same gray hair one too many times.

Repeated plucking of the same gray hair can cause damage to the hair follicle. The damaged follicle will then produce a less than perfect hair. The result, hair that grows in frizzy and crinkly. These hairs are even more unsightly than their gray counterparts.

Choosing a Better Alternative

If you are seeing the number of gray hairs growing in number with each passing day there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Coloring hair can temporarily add a more natural hue to these gray devils. There are many brands of hair color for both men and women that specialize in covering gray hair. Coloring the hair is completely safe and healthy and will leave hair with a new found softness and shine. Much better, I would say, than the alternative; a head full of hair that looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket.

Gray hairs are very common and normally begin around the age of 30. By the time you reach the age of 50, nearly one half of all the hairs on your head will be gray. So, today it make only be a few, but tomorrow there will be more. Coloring is a safe alternative and can be repeated as needed with root touchups.

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Reese Cruz08-14-2008
Its the general notion to have gray hair later in life. It also depends on race. Being asian, I had my first gray/white hair when I was in college. Its not all too bad though. Genes also play a big role in having gray hair. So basically, i think the article is pretty good. Simple but explained in an easy understandable manner.
Frances Young07-29-2008
Are you sure about your statistics? Im 52 and have just started noticing the odd grey hair in the past 6 months. I know a number of people 40plus who have no grey hairs. I always assumed that to have grey hairs in your 30s and 40s was the exception rather than the norm.

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