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Keep Hair Fresh With an At Home Trim
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At Home Hair Trim Tips
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Between those wonderful hair appointments, even the most famous of stars will trim away any dead ends. Dead ends will make a great head of hair turn scraggly in a matter of minutes. No matter how great the cut, the hair will look dry, dull and less than beautiful. The key is to learn to cut those split and dead ends at home and no one will ever know you are a self trimmer.

When choosing to trim your own hair at home you will need to remember...

1. Twist to reveal the split end. If you gather a small section of hair and twist the strand while pulling down, you will reveal the split ends. It is important to only trim these hairs and not the ones that are healthy.

2. Invest in good scissors. When trimming at home it is not okay to trim with the crafting scissors. You should have a pair of hair shears on hand and make sure to pay a little for the scissors. A $1.00 pair is bound to dull after the first cut.

3. Keeping it even. When trimming off the split ends, it is essential to cut the same length from every twist. This keeps the style perfect and the hair gleaming.

The first time you set out to cut those split ends on your own, there will be a little anxiety. This is normal. After you learn to carefully cut those split ends without the help of a professional, you will not only save money, but time at the salon.

* Always consult with your hairstylist before cutting your hair! PLEASE Be Careful Cutting your hair, TOTALHAIR.NET is not responsible! :)

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im a hairdresser and i DO not recommend cutting your own hair. leave that to a professional! if you dont want split ends and want to encourage healthy growth get your hair trimmed every four weeks, even if its half a centimiter.and there is tecniques on how to texturize the hair to remove those split ends without taking off any length!!!!
i want my hairs shiny n silky pls sugest me smethng
i trust myself only to cut my hair. its really easy...
this could be really usefull for someone who has the balls to cut their hair luckly i dont
This is actually really good advice especially if you have midlength layerd hair. I have to flat iron mine to get my style to lay the way i want it, chemically straighten and dye it. I do this at least every 3-4 weeks. My daughter has long hair and I do the same thing to her and it really helps with those flyaways from her breaking her hair while brushing.
i do that all the time my mom thought me and it really helps after coming from doing highlights really makes a difference,its easier on layer hair
this is lame. it would kill my beautiful hair. thanks alot
this takes forever and not really worth doing
i cut my bangs in April and i got them so crooked my dad teased me forever about it and my friends laughed they thought it was so funny.
my is to thin
my hair is too thick! :( this is no good for me..
i have to much hair for this to keep up with all the hairs
this website is AWESOME.
i would rather them showing, them coloring their hair
I tried to trim my hair by myself when I was little and believe me my parents were not happy =[[
hmm, this works
The longer the hair the less anxiety in trimming. I would not attempt it if my hair was short, too hard to keep it even.

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