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Prom Beauty Tips You Need to Know
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Prom Beauty Tips
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Prom is a special day in every girl's heart. You want to make the most of it and look your best for this special night. You have chosen the dress and have your date, now comes the pampering part. You get to take time out to make yourself extra beautiful for prom night. Here are a few beauty tips that are sure to make you shine this prom season.

* Bringing out your natural beauty for prom should start many weeks before the big night. Many girls struggle with acne. Try to get your acne under control at least one month prior to prom. This can be achieved by cutting out those greasy fries and burgers at lunch and choosing a healthier choice like salad. You may also need to use an acne treatment like Proactive Solution at least one month prior to prom.

* A lot of girls also take this time before prom to head to the tanning booth for that sun kissed look. Forget the tanning beds go for the safer and much more reliable approach to the sun kissed look, try a sunless tanner. Begin using a product like Jergens Natural Glow at least one month prior to prom. It will give you a natural sun kissed look and won't leave you looking like and orange or a lobster on the day of prom. Plus Jergens Natural Glow is a daily moisturizer, it will leave your skin silky smooth and along with a tanned glow.

* If make up is not your thing consider going to a cosmetic store for a few tips on make up applications. They can also help you choose the perfect shades for your skin type. You can make this really fun and have a make-up party for you and your friends right in your own home. Avon and Mary Kay consultants will come to your home and teach you how to use makeup and help you choose the shades perfect for you.

* Hair is an important factor for prom night. Be sure to have a few practice sessions with your hair style. You may even want to try a few do's out. Take pictures so you can go back and choose the do that is right for you. You may even want to add flowers or a tiara to the due to dress it up a bit.

* Now that you have everything in place don't forget to do your nails. If you have open toe shoes you will want to paint your finger nails as well as your toe nails. If you are a nail bitter consider having a manicure. This will give you a polished look for your prom night. You don't want to have done all this work and then show up with nibbled nails.

Use these tips to make your prom night extra special. You should have fun getting prepared for prom. Get together with friends to do your nails or style your hair. It will help build anticipation for the prom and make it much more exciting.

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